We're not a regular agency, we're a cool agency.

Let's face it... this whole influencer thing has a lot more moving parts than you thought. Brands are sending you free stuff, which is great, maybe you have some affiliate codes and you've even done paid deals in the past, but your income is a sliding scale and most places don't seem to get that you can't trade free product in for your mortgage or rent payment, and exposure doesn't pay your bills.

This industry... can suck real hard sometimes, to put it mildly.

We get it. Before we opened this agency, a lot of us we were bloggers and influencers, too. We were signed up for every agency site, we would take every  possible collaboration that wasn't for something we blatantly disagreed with, and some months we were living it up while others we'd be asking our parents for money.

What you need is a team of advocates who work with brands all the time to help you get in front of people who will pay you for your awesomeness and help you spread what you're passionate about. For cash money. 🤑

We're your partners in the process... and that means helping you become a better businessperson, not just a better content creator.

Sure, we're going to manage your end-to-end deals and help you strategize content, but you need to get out of the "blogger/IGer/Youtuber" mindset and in to the mindset of a CEO. Whether you like it or not, you're an entrepreneur and you run a company and that means showing up for yourselves, your followers, and the brands that you're working with every single day.

We specifically work with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencers because that's the content we're WILDLY obsessed with CONSUMING AND CREATING OURSELVES.

We only take on people we know we can help and that's why we invest in your growth. The more that you win, the more that we win.

And we love to win. 

Because that's how we get to keep going to Sephora and Saks guilt-free.

*Please note: We are not currently accepting any influencers with under 20k Instagram followers or Youtube subscribers, and we verify to make sure you're not buying followers, using comment bots, etc. We run a tight, honest ship around here.