Shamia Casiano

“I got featured on EVERY SINGLE SITE I submitted my photos to.

Most recently, Creative Market featured one of my products on their blog and I was featured in the print edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine!

I am forever grateful to Erika. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Shamia Casiano, Brand + Lifestyle Photographer

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Erika Ashley
Vickie Gould

“Erika is genuine, caring, giving, and super helpful.

With her guidance on getting published in The Huffington Post, I submitted my article on Monday and heard back from Arianna Huffington herself on Wednesday.

I was shocked and thrilled with the quick response.  I would not have been as encouraged or inspired had I not seen Erika’s success.

I would highly recommend Erika to anyone who needs help with getting published.”

Vicki Gould, Book + Marketing Coach

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Erika Ashley

“I followed your training and followed your directions on how to pitch and got featured on Business Insider!

I wanted to send you a huge thank you and hugs for sharing your wisdom!”

Keidi, Body Positive Photographer

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Erika Ashley