Go Pitch Yourself!

Grow your influence + income in just 90 days by being featured in the leading media outlets in your industry.

What if you opened your e-mail inbox to discover that while you were asleep, people had purchased your courses and you had two new discovery calls booked?

Here’s a secret: That can be your reality.

And don’t you go rolling your eyes. 

I know you’ve been told that before.


But I’m here to tell you the truth, and here it is.


You don’t need:

  • Complicated funnel strategies.
  • More Facebook ads.
  • To tap or meditate or clear you money blocks
  • To wait until you’re making a million dollars to be an influencer
  • To keep bowing at the altar of coaches and “experts” whose only real strategy is posting in Facebook groups all day
  • Another group program that’s actually run by assistants with content that hasn’t been updated in three years
  • “Group calls” that really only give three people the time to ask their question
  • Cookie cutter strategy that really doesn’t do anything for your or your business and leaves you feeling frustrated with yet ANOTHER investment that isn’t pushing your business forward

What you ACTUALLY need is:

  • To stop being seen as just another coach, strategist, or social media influencer trying to push their products on people and shift your perspective to that of an industry expert who people need to be listening to
  • A simple, but customized framework for getting your business in front of more eyeballs so that you can get potential clients WITHOUT posting in Facebook groups all day
  • A PROVEN system that has gotten results for other people already and can help you see results, too
  • To be supported in an intimate setting with someone who’s been doing this work for over 10 years (none of that ‘I learned this yesterday and now I’m helping you with it’ BS)
  • Customized 1:1 attention from someone who has built the social media and publicity presence of Grammy-winning bands and A-list actresses.
  • To get your name into the largest media outlets in your industry
  • A way to turn that visibility into paying clients and customers
  • Achievable action steps that don’t take 20 hours out of your week
  • Short lessons that get to the point and provide you exactly what you need
  • A supportive community of other entrepreneurs who are also looking to take their business to the next level and will help each other grow

If you don’t change how you’re running your business and growing your audience, nothing in your business will ever change. Hate to break it to ya, but algorithms change all the time, group owners change their rules more than they change their underpants, and people hate e-mail.

If you want to be that high-performer who gets massive results not only for themselves but for the people they’re here to serve (which I know you want to be), then you have to be willing to take actions other people aren’t willing to take.

Because you can have that Forbes feature on your vision board for as long as you want, the reality is that no journalist is ever going to fall out of the sky and ask to do a feature about you. If you want it, you have to take ACTION.


Imagine if you could:

  • Proudly and confidently secure coverage for yourself with leading journalists in your industry on TV, podcasts, publications, and radio
  • You could display that you’ve been featured in your favorite media outlets on your websites, sales pages, and landing pages?
  • Take the number of people who know about your business from a few thousand to millions
  • Stand out above all the noise online and book discovery calls or get sales from people who had never heard of you before a feature went live?
  • Get messages from people you don’t even know telling you that they want to work with you or buy from you or that you helped them change their life?
  • Create relationships with some of the top people in your industry so that you have something to offer THEM and they’ll be asking favors from YOU.

It’s possible. For realsies.

Real talk: You don’t have to imagine all of that, because you can totally live it.

I want to introduce you to my secret weapon: Go Pitch Yourself!

Go Pitch Yourself! is a course that takes you from generic AF coach, creative, or social media influencer to industry leader with social proof that gets you sales on the regular.

This is ACTIONABLE, targeted support for your business to take you from mediocre Facebook fame to internationally renowned leader in what you do.

I’m walking you through the same things that I’ve helped my 1:1 publicity and coaching clients do to get features in places like:

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 11.50.27 AM.png

Meet Rachel


Rachel filled out her 1:1 program less than a month after her story went mini-viral in the media. She’s since leveraged her credibility in the press to fill out her 1:1 again and to sell out two live rounds of her group program.

“Erika knows exactly what’s going to work for you in your business.

Being featured in SELF Magazine alongside Ashley Graham and other body positive influencers was so exciting! The PR changed my reputation.

I  signed two clients within days of appearing in Teen Vogue, Hello Giggles, Allure, and Refinery29.

YOU are the best thing that’s ever happened to my biz! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.” – Rachel Spencer

Let’s go back in time to BEFORE my clients and I were leveraging the power of the press for our stories.

It was January 2017. I had no clients and -27$ in my bank account. I hadn’t paid my credit card minimum balance for six months and I was about to be sent to collections in two weeks for the full balance – over 20k. I’d made 30k in my first month as a coach – I thought I was supposed to enter a magical land of wealth and prosperity, but now, seven months later, I was broke.

A friend asked if I would do her podcast, and I said yes. A few weeks after it went live, a girl I’d never met (Rachel, from above) messaged me to ask how we could work together from that podcast appearance. It was the easiest money I’d ever made in my business.

I realized that after months of posting in Facebook groups, building funnels that never converted, etc. that if I leveraged the power of the press – something I’d been doing as a journalist and PR coordinator for not-for-profits prior to starting my business for a DECADE – I could turn my business around.

I went from a negative bank balance to a six figure cash business in and over 50k in secured income for 2018 by December 31st, 2017 with articles and features in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Health Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Nylon Magazine, Levo League, etc.

My clients also saw amazing results including:

-Feature episodes for major networks like HGTV

-Their first $10k, $15k, and $20k cash months

-Appearing in a Youtube Red series

-Collaborating with the largest mall chain in the United States

-Creating and launching their own product lines

-Being featured alongside influencers like Ashley Graham

Today, less than a year after making media appearances a key part of my strategy for growth in my business and my clients’ businesses, my clients and I are some of the most sought-after experts in our industries.

So, if the media is soooooooooooo game changing, why isn’t everyone teaching this?

I asked myself the same question.

It’s because the online coaching industry, which dominates much of the personal development and business space now, doesn’t believe in long-term growth and they don’t believe in trying any new strategies that haven’t been passed down from their coach, who got it from their coach who got it from their coach who got it from… can you see where I’m going with this?

Everyone’s looking for that shiny monetary testimonial and they believe that they can get press features later or if they reach some kind of HUGE financial milestone, that all of a sudden, people will care about you enough to put you in the top publications in your industry.


It’s never too early to pursue media features, and you don’t need to have achieved a huge milestone. People become millionaires every day. That doesn’t make you newsworthy.

But I know what does.

The media is one of the most underutilized strategies by solopreneurs and small businesses and they’re losing thousands of dollars income as a result.

Publicity is NOT just for super rich people with big companies that have a five-figure a month budget for a huge agency.

Publicity is a strategy that works for everyone, because everyone has something that is newsworthy, timely, and makes them worth writing about RIGHT NOW.

It’s my joy and pleasure in Go Pitch Yourself! To help you nail what that is, who’s going to be most interested in hearing about it, and how you can leverage it to grow your audience and your income.

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 11.55.10 AM.png

What’s included, you ask? Let’s break it down!

10 modules of content

Support + feedback in private Facebook group

BONUS: Pitching templates, 3 pre-made media kits, 6 group call recordings from the live version of the program


Develop the mindset of a media maven, discover the different types of media, how to build your legacy through media, and understand what stories the media wants


Become the hero of your own story + the turning point in your ideal client’s, discover who you’re targeting in the media and how to reach them, and how to align your brand with existing media networks for massive credibility boosts!


Together, we’ll explore and craft all the elements of your press-ready brand, so that when you pitch, you go straight to the top of a journalist and editor’s priority list.


You’ll get clear about how you want to use media specifically for YOUR business and what types of media to pursue based on that goal, and you’ll learn how to set yourself up to hear a “yes” from the biggest media outlets in your industry. You’ll also create your media list so you know who and where you’ll be pitching.


You’ll discover exactly what kinds of stories the media loves and how you can build a profitable brand through publicity without having to reinvent the wheel every single time you’ll pitch. We’ll also craft your A-list pitch and start sending your pitches out to the media so you can start getting coverage asap for your story + your business.


You’ll learn how to become a favorite for journalists, editors, and producers, so that they keep you in mind for more stories, want to feature you again, and introduce you to their colleagues (hello bonus features with little to no work!!!!)


If cops like bars and anywhere there’s a box of donuts, then journalists have favorite places where they hang out in person and online. You’ll discover where to network with journalists and how to approach them so that you aren’t hella sleazy and annoying, and they’ll want to write about you and what you do.


What’s the point in getting press if you don’t tell anybody about it or you don’t use it to get more stories? Clients and customers and increased brand awareness is nice and all, but you might as well get the most out of the appearances you’re getting – and telling your friends on social media to share and comment is not enough! I’ll be sharing with you how you can leverage your press wins to get even more features and network with even more awesome people


One of the best things about the media is that it’s an easy path to starting a relationship with key influencers in your industry or celebrities. Changemakers who, when they endorse your stuff, can REALLY go a long way in boosting your sales, visibility, and credibility. In this module, I’m going to be sharing my best and most top-secret strategies for connecting with leading people in your industry and creating beneficial relationships through the media.

You’ve got two options:

You can either keep doing what you’re doing now and crossing your fingers and hoping it will work (even though hope is not a strategy)


You could steal my proven strategies for getting yourself in the top-level media in your industry.

Think about where you want to be in three months, six months, or a year.

Do you have a clear plan to get there?

If not, you can steal my strategies and get my help and feedback LIVE to speed up your process, get seen as an influencer, and skyrocket your audience and income over the next 90 days.

What will you choose?

Now, who created this program anyways?

Hi! I’m Erika Ashley.

I never thought that riding a blimp would a) be an opportunity that I’d ever have b) change my life. But it did.

As a Starlight Foundation wish kid, I was given an opportunity to ride a Sanyo blimp; I felt like Christmas had come twice. I’d had my wish to go to Disney World granted the year before as I have had an aggressive case of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 18 months, and now, I got to ride in a blimp?! I already thought that was hella cool, but when I got there, there was a reporter from the Montreal Gazette on the scene to cover the story.

Photo on 2018-05-13 at 3.44 PM #4.jpg

I was forever transformed. Seeing the yellow stenopad fill with notes and the voice recorder’s red light beep started a two-decades long love affair with the media.

While I was flexing my journalism muscles, digital marketing always helped me pay the bills. I started by designing MySpace layouts for girls in my high school, then, as I formed relationships with people in the music industry thanks to my budding journalism career, I was given the opportunity to establish the social media presence for artists under a then-Indie label.

My former clients include a winner of The Voice and a Grammy-winning band.

In 2015, when I woke up with pain in my left hip that was so severe I fell over, I found out that I needed a hip replacement. Within two weeks, I was partially bedridden and forced to quit my job as a PR and Advocacy Coordinator for a provincial not-for-profit. That’s when I hung up my 9-5 hat and started working for myself full time as a business strategist and publicist.

Since that time, I’ve established myself as a fixture in the coaching and online media world, known for my consistent value, no-bullshit personality, and sass mixed with a dash of the funnies. I’m a Forbes and Thrive Global contributor, and you’ve seen me in Nylon, Martha Stewart Weddings, Bustle, MindBodyGreen, Health, and more!

Who is Go Pitch Yourself! for?

Go Pitch Yourself! is perfect for:

    • Coaches, strategists, consultants, authors at any stage. As long as you have a pre-existing program or product to sell, this can help you.
    • People who want to become credible experts in their industry. If you’re just looking to make a few thousand dollars on a side hustle, this isn’t for you. BUT if you’re looking to make a serious impact in the world and you know you need to rise to that influencer status level, this is going to be perfect for you.
    • People who want to rapidly grow their audience and income. Media features have been the #1 way I’ve brought in revenue in my business and they’re a leading form of social proof for my clients. They bring us leads on autopilot.

Who is Go Pitch Yourself! not for:

  • Posers + people who have no clue WTF they’re doing. If you’re not able to talk about yourself, your area of expertise, or your product in an intelligent way, then this isn’t for you.
  • Get Rich Quick scammers. Look, I’m all for fast growth in your business, but there is no magical goose egg strategy. You’re going to have to do some work in this program.


Q: How long will I have access to the modules for?

  • You’ll have lifetime access.

Q: How is this program different than what’s on the market?

  • My focus is on helping you get publicity that converts into audience growth + sales. I don’t want you to just get any win, we think smart and we go in effectively. Most programs also gloss over how to actually use publicity to its fullest advantage. We spend several weeks on this. You also won’t find another program where you can send someone 100 pitches and they’ll look over every one, if that’s how many places you want to pitch.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

  • No. I’ve placed over a decade of media knowledge into this program and with the time and attention I’m offering each person, if you do the work, you WILL see results.

Q: I have a different question that you didn’t answer. What do I do?

It’s your time to rise to industry expert status.

You don’t need another energy healing. You don’t need 22 more courses. You don’t need another business coach who’s going to regurgitate the same things at you over and over again.