From influencer to CEO, Erika Couto ran the popular lifestyle blog Erika Does Life from 2013-2015, where she worked with brands including H+M, PIOL Dress, Bioderma, Clean + Clear, Clarisonic, Derma E, Forever 21 Plus, and more on campaigns. Prior to having her own blog, Erika worked as a Myspace layout designer for music labels and the original crop of influencers - the scene kids, prior to collaborating with A-list celebrities and brands like Proactiv to organize and run social campaigns. Prior to founding Better En Noir, Erika was working full-time as a PR Coordinator for a national not-for-profit in Toronto. She is currently based out of Montreal and New York.






Note from Erika

Welcome to Better En Noir, which is the contemporary embodiment of a dream that I had as a teenager - “I wish I could get paid to spend all day on the internet.” At that time, I was side hustling designing Myspace layouts for friends and then eventually for Scene Kids, who were the original digital influencers (and don’t receive nearly enough credit for setting up the “OG Influencers” for success).

This company was founded to bridge the gap between my professional career in marketing and PR and the problems we were noticing in the influencer space as we were working with brands. The experience of working with brands and influencers should be positive and ongoing and here at Better En Noir, we’re committed to helping both influencers and the brands who love them to thrive.

I genuinely love what I do and I’m so privileged to work with such amazing talent, brand clients, and team members.